Chérie Chéri Supplemental Powder, 830 mg


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Restore your body from the inside out by adding the Chérie Chéri Supplemental Powder to your beverage of choice. This extremely effective and convenient supplemental powder allows you to enjoy this organically grown, unscented, and unflavored on the go. Whether it’s in your morning coffee or your smoothie, enjoy its benefits no matter where you are.


Suggested Use: Take 1 teaspoon and mix it into your beverage of choice. For example, you may mix it with water, tea, coffee, juice, supplements, protein powders/shakes, smoothies, food, and more. Do NOT use more than 1 teaspoon. This product is free of THC.  

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 2.25 in
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